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The new retail era of sanitary ware companies need online and offline combination

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It is reported that changes in consumer patterns to promote the changes in the bathroom business. Emphasis on the experience of the bathroom products, relying on the store under the line, you need to actively open up online channels to meet the consumer more diversified consumer demand.
The data show that as of the end of July 2017, there are actually nearly 70,000 domestic designers of online version of designers and over 9 million overseas designers. There are 247 docking furniture and building materials factories and 68,000 3D digital goods models. Through the platform , Actually driving home furniture sales in Beijing 250 million yuan.
Another example is the release of "1001 Strategy" in 2016, the Red Star Macalline, with online and offline mutual enabling "Internet +2.0 mode", combined with Panjia consumer industry chain, to create a complete ecology. In addition, many home stores are also on the line of integration under the path of integration, "set off on the line + off-line conversion" approach to open up new marketing channels for business development.
China Building Decoration Association residential decoration committee secretary Zhang Ren:
Internet home improvement to do practical landing
Whether it is the traditional home improvement company or the Internet home improvement, we must do a good job of construction, delivery, good quality, good service, without these four plates, the company can not live, live well. No matter how the market changes, how the industry changes, home improvement industry, residential decoration, is to do a good job of design, material selection, construction, quality, reputation. So the real O2O, both online to find you, can fall online, can have delivery. As far as the Beijing market is concerned, with the reform and regulation of the long-term mechanism for real estate in 2016, new houses are more expensive and less expensive, and the renovation of old rooms has become the mainstream.
According to incomplete statistics, the decoration and decoration of Beijing in 2016, especially the renovation of home improvement, account for 85%. Therefore, the future market of our industry is still vast. We must actively embrace the Internet as the needs of consumers change. At the same time, we should also be grounded and embracing the capital market. We must also use high-tech means to continuously innovate and create new customers .
China Furniture Association Zhu Changling:
The key to the furniture industry is the delivery of the last kilometer
For the furniture industry, the integration of online and offline is a trend of development, but for the moment, online is more of an aid. In fact, the more common manifestation of online-offline convergence in the furniture industry is "online ordering offline". Consumers in the purchase of furniture before, for the style, style, style no specific concept, which requires online search to find, and then according to the selected style to the store experience, ordering.
Due to the particularity of the furniture industry, the key lies in the delivery link, either online or offline. This is an unavoidable problem both online and offline. It is also an important part of testing the quality of furniture. Furniture delivery has a certain degree of professionalism, which involves quality acceptance, installation services and after-sales issues.
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