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The future bathroom industry will continue hot market potential huge Huge

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China Building Materials Network: It is reported that, in accordance with the notice issued by the relevant state departments on the transformation of urban housing sanitary ware, Shanghai has begun to eliminate the old water closet tank fittings, switch to water-saving accessories. Xuhui, Yangpu and Pudong and other residential areas have been involved. The Water Bureau will adjust the price of tap water this year and explore the establishment of a comprehensive water pricing mechanism centered on stepped water tariffs so as to give full play to the water price regulation effect on water conservation; strengthen water conservation promotion and increase the promotion and application of water-saving technologies and water-saving appliances , And strive to complete the transformation of 50,000 water-hung toilets; choose 1 administrative district, 2 industrial districts, 10 campuses, 20 communities and 100 enterprises, and adopt comprehensive measures such as economy, law, technology and administration and propaganda, To carry out water-saving social construction demonstration pilot.
Ware market price differences
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According to the 5-year plan of Shanghai Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, it will purchase more than 550,000 sets of water-saving ball valves and water faucets, and remodel the old-style flush toilets of residents' households for free. At the same time, it will also step up its efforts in law enforcement and eliminate high-water-consuming toilet accessories that the country has banned.
Shanghai planned water office workers in an interview with reporters said that these sets of water 60 to 70 yuan per set, if installed after 1 year of damage, residents have to pay their own purchase. This Shanghai building materials, hardware market, can be described as a big deal.
At present, sanitary ware generally through the building materials stores, decoration companies, the network and the brand single-store four channels for sales. Many sanitary ware distributors told reporters reflect the real estate market this year, a significant impact on building materials sales, sanitary ware sales decline over the previous year. However, some industry professionals are more optimistic about the sanitary ware market prospects. Sanitary ware styles, features updated quickly, in the pursuit of quality of life today, people will update their needs according to sanitary products. Moreover, the installation of sanitary ware in the entire home decoration only a small project, replacement is not troublesome.
Bathroom accessories business opportunities
Analysis of the industry believes that bathroom hardware accessories market space. Bathroom accessories are a lot of sets, but probably include mirrors, toothbrush cups, cup holders, soap bars, towel bars, towel rails, hooks, paper holders, coat hooks, and toilet brush holders. Bathroom accessories due to frequent use, product updates quickly, are consumables, in addition, the appearance looks like exquisite artwork, easy to attract consumer.
It is understood that, from the material point of view, the bathroom hardware on the market to titanium, pure copper chrome, chrome-plated stainless steel mainly three materials. Titanium hardware is the most sophisticated look good, but the price is the most expensive, the price of hundreds or even thousands of dollars; pure copper chrome products can effectively prevent oxidation, quality assurance, is the mainstream of the market, the price is about 100 yuan ; Stainless steel chrome lowest price, more than one hundred dollars, but the shortest service life. From the color point of view, most of these new generation of bathroom hardware products get rid of the original hard and cold stainless steel color, silver white and brass occupy the mainstream now.
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