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Bathroom integration industry-wide custom-made enterprises need to play a combination of boxing

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Bathroom industry is now facing bottlenecks, although the product continues to upgrade, smart development has also brought some opportunities, but the overall sluggish growth. Bathroom needs a new model to achieve a breakthrough, to achieve transformation and upgrading.
Bath industry integration into the whole house customization trend, it is most likely to win a breakthrough and transformation and upgrading. The customization of the whole house has now come to an outlet. Customized closet enterprises use custom advantages to continuously integrate into the space of their own homes, conforming to practical needs, integrating products, expanding the market and attracting more enterprises to join. Custom market development is very fast, there are two reasons:
First, the natural custom closet gene is the main reason. In this file fusion, the whole family custom outlet is the wardrobe to the fusion of various home spaces, wardrobe business is the dominant, but also to furniture companies caused great pressure. Custom genes have two characteristics: First, custom can integrate standards; Second, it can replace the standard.
Second, the speed of customization is a successful fusion of space from the bedroom to the living room, the foyer, etc. There are no barriers on the products and they are all woody. Custom tufts are now fermented and are still evolving. Bathroom to do cabinets, cabinets do wardrobe, which is sustained fermentation, the outlet continued strong evidence.
However, the integration of bathroom with custom-made house should actually be a systematic combination of punches. From the bathroom industry point of view for two reasons, first, the whole house to the bathroom to integrate or integrate a big law, is trapped in the bathroom business tradition and product complexity. Second, the traditional sanitary ware company embraces the entire customization is the lack of custom genes. If the bathroom to be integrated into the whole house custom this trend, we must first solve the customization capabilities.
Solve the bathroom customization capabilities are mainly three key points, one custom manufacturing system, and second, custom space and custom product development system, the third is the terminal custom operating mode. On these three points, although many people now generally see this order of settlement, but in fact the difficulty is the reverse, the most difficult is the terminal custom operation mode transformation.
Customized for the bathroom business should focus and attention back to their good bathroom space, the use of existing product advantages to further find out the custom bathroom cabinet, shower room, bath space to find out how to layout, how to use space , How to store, touch through the custom bathroom space, which is based on these create a different way of life to meet the needs of different groups of people with the bathroom industry features the formation of custom models, thus forming a custom integration with the whole house an interface, A hydrophilic gene, it will be able to smoothly integrate into the whole house, and then go its own way of development.
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