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Bath accessories to pay attention to these common sense to keep in mind

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Hardware water quality determines the service life
For the bathroom products, the key factor that determines the service life is the hardware parts. Bathroom hardware accessories include shower, faucet, metal pendant, toilet water, angle valve and other major parts. Although the domestic hardware production also has some development, but the overall level is uneven, mostly small business workshops, so the quality of products produced is mixed. Therefore, the inadequate product technology and production technology often results in a series of problems such as poor quality fittings and short service life, which in turn affects the quality of the entire sanitary product and limits the service life of the product.
Business purchases, the cost of the first
As the hardware only belong to the bathroom accessories hardware products, sales in the terminal also mostly in the form of ancillary products, so many consumers in the purchase of sanitary products to their degree of attention is not high, that hardware is only the composition of the bathroom hardware products Part of it does not matter. This consumer psychology which also gives some businesses provide an opportunity.
It is understood that most of the domestic sanitary ware products used in the production of water are almost all hardware purchased externally; but when consumers consult purchase of such products, manufacturers will introduce more for the company's own production. A domestic brand sanitary ware manufacturer said, 'bathroom hardware parts, lay people difficult to judge from the appearance of its quality is good or bad, there is no significant difference in the trial process, so companies often purchase such accessories is also from the control Cost point of view, the price of brand accessories is too high, generally not considered. '
Accessories selection can not be ignored
The current market conditions, the local brand bathroom products cost is still relatively high, the basic function can basically meet the needs of current consumers, and sometimes even more than some of the international brands more innovative and innovative features. Therefore, I hereby remind consumers, in choosing their own home-style bathroom products, we must pay more attention to detail, such as toilet water fittings design is reasonable, the leading spool is what material, what brand, for The choice of accessories is still very important, choose a reliable brand of products will effectively improve the life of your bathroom products.
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