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Do not leak the bathroom is the most important thing is the floor drain!

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Bathroom as the home and water contact with a place most frequently, the floor drain is absolutely indispensable!
Floor drain is an important interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, the performance of the floor drain directly affects the quality of the indoor air and is very important for odor control in the bathroom. Its importance as a drain in the ground is self-evident.
Floor drain should have four characteristics: fast drainage, anti-odor, anti-clogging, easy to clean. But for the floor drain installation and installation where the best, you can clearly answer up? If not, then follow the Xiaobian learn to learn Oh.
First, the floor drain installation location
1, some people think that the floor drain is a sewer pipe, does not affect the normal use on the line, so of course is installed below the washbasin, or behind the toilet. However, I did not realize I was wrong until I was using it. Although a small floor drain does not affect life, but the installation is relatively open around the place, in order to facilitate our daily cleaning and cleaning Oh.
2, if you think the installation is more conducive to cleaning in the middle, put the floor drain installed in the bathroom the most prominent middle position, this will not only affect the appearance, drainage is also a big problem. Very detrimental to wet and dry separation, easy to fall. Therefore, to choose a floor drain does not affect the main route but also a relatively spacious location is the best, and should stay away from the door. This will not affect the appearance, nor does it affect the normal drainage is also easy to clean and clean.
Second, the installation of floor drain
Xiaobian proposed to leak around the tiles to choose the form of 4-8 split, but also for the tilt arrangement, concave drain the middle position, so as to achieve drainage of smooth.
Introduced here with two floor drain tiles common laying method:
1, "ten" shaped to floor drain as the center, four corners of the tile at the four edges, extending to the surrounding direction. Both to meet the use of the floor drain, but also increase the bathroom's visual beauty.
2, "back" shaped floor drain embedded in the middle of a tile, the tile cut into four trapezoidal shape. This design tests the patience and professionalism of the builders very much and does not achieve the desired result with a bit of care

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